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When we hear, "Physics" it reminds us of those hard to understand concepts, seemingly unsolvable problems and sleepless nights. There are very few students who really enjoy Physics throughout college. So what makes Physics so dreaded? What is so complex about the science behind it? Most importantly, how can one master its concepts?

Physics is so dreaded because most of the problems are given in words... The tricky part is that we need to develop those words into mathematical forms and equations before we can solve the problem. This requires you to have clear concepts in your head. If you have the slightest doubt in your work, you will end up using the wrong mathematical formulas and equations and consequently get a wrong answer. You will be frustrated!!

Physics is not a mundane science, you need to use your brain ALL the time, and it is a very logical subject. You need to feel good about every concept before you can really apply it to a written problem. You need to be skilled in geometry and algebra. For advanced Physics courses, a strong foundation of Applied Calculus is a must. Imagine driving in rush-hour, really heavy traffic, there is no perfect formula for your speed, the gears and the maneuvering that you will need to do. You just need to keep your eyes open and make wise decisions at every moment. Physics is exactly that, writing out your wise steps applied in your head before paper, and then following through with your calculations.

Drawing a clear diagram is the first step, and a must by Physicists! This helps you visualise the problem more clearly and will help you kick a**. A good and correct diagram is often the building step to a perfect solution. Once the diagram is there in front of your eyes, on your paper, you can think about the right concepts to apply.

Students who excel in Physics are invariably great at Math too. However, the reverse is not true. Physics is the mother of all Sciences, it is the subject that you need to study in Engineering, pre-medical school, etc. If you master Physics, no subject will ever be difficult for you. Go forth be confident! STOP by if you need help, the FNET will be with you!